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About us

Az emberség erejével Alapítvány (With the power of humanity Foundation) was formed in 2006 as a youth initiative, to promote human rights and solidarity. The NGO’s main goal is strengthening social inclusion with the support of oppressed, marginalized groups and the sensitization of the ‘majority’.

The foundation started to organize after school programs for mostly Roma children with fewer opportunities, living in poverty in 2010, in a segregated part of the city of Pécs. These efforts shaped in the form of ‘Élmény Tár’ (Adventure Store) in 2013, with the help of EU funds. For children there is learning support, educational projects, workshops (sports, media, arts and crafts, etc.), free-time programs, camps and different kind of adventures, which their parents cannot buy for them. All programs are based on non-formal learning and learning by doing. For the parents and other adults, community building process has been started in 2015, with free-time programs, regular meetings, personal mentoring, identification of community issues and supported advocacy. Six part time employees and approx. 20 volunteers work in Élmény Tár.

The NGO started to run human rights education (HRE) projects in 2008, with local elementary and secondary schools. In 2015/2016 with the support of EEA/Norway Funds, the trainers of the foundation developed and implemented 8 pilot educational processes in human rights topics (prejudices, discrimination, violence against women, global issues, democracy and participation) which fit the national curricula, so it can be adapted nationwide in Hungary. Az emberség erejével Alapítvány runs 2 online HRE platforms: E.SZ.E. (Humanity Free Online University) provides e-learning programs and Emberség Játszótér (Humanity Playground) contains online games which can be used as learning materials. The training of future professionals is an important issue, so the NGO’s educational staff is involved in human rights seminars for teacher, social worker and law students in cooperation with the University of Pécs. For helping professionals in daily work, many training programs have been developed by the foundation, some of them have accreditation by the Ministry of Human Resources.

Az emberség erejével Alapítvány believes in the power of cooperation, so they initiated PEJNM (Human Rights Education Allience of Pécs), which has now 7 member NGOs, with different human rights education programs. Beside that the foundation is a member of the Hungarian Anti-poverty Network. The NGO also has experience in international cooperation, mainly in Youth in Action (youth exchanges and trainings) and Erasmus+ (external expert) programs.
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