Power of Humanity Foundation’s mission is to play a role in building a democratic society that is livable to all.

To this end, it is both important to support disadvantaged groups and to implement (human rights) education programs. As a rural, small, non-governmental organization, we start from the principle of think globally, act locally, and place emphasis on innovation, adaptability and multiplication in our education programs.

The foundation was started in 2006 by enthusiastic young people from Pécs to promote the ideas of human rights and solidarity. The main goal of the organization is to strengthen social inclusion by supporting oppressed, discriminated groups and sensitizing the majority society.

The foundation started working in 2010, in the eastern, segregated part of Pécs, in Gyárváros. From the initial after-school leisure programs, first the Shelter youth club was established, then in the spring of 2013 the Experience Store Study-space.

The organization launched its first human rights education programs in 2007, in partnership with local primary and secondary schools.

The Growing Civic Communities (ECK) granting program for the development of civil communities is implemented under the coordination of Power of Humanity Foundation with the support of the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE), within the framework of the Regional Community Centers program. Under the support program, organizations and informal groups can apply for an amount of  100 million HUF per year until 2020, with programs implemented in Baranya, Somogy and Tolna counties.