In early 2020, a group of collegues and volunteers of our foundation took part at the “Dignity and Beyond” training course in Lorca, Spain, where András, the leader of the Power of Humanity Foundation was one of the trainers.

The five-day training course was dealing with human rights issues and their alternative work with young people through games. Participants learned about the method of break-outs and escape rooms as well as many online platforms and tools which they can use to gamify human rights educational contents.

The groups which worked together on the training designed each one game using the newly learned techniques. The games were directly tested on the youngsters visiting the community house where the training course took place. After the testing phase all three completed games were published at a SALTO-YOUTH network to make it possible to reach it for any professionals  who are interested in these topics.

Below is a brief introduction to the games created by our team and the other participants:

HELP! – a break out game about inclusion

A break out game with the theme of anti-bullying where the participants collect clues and learn about children’s rights to help a boy in need.

The aim of this game is to reduce separation and bullying between kids, teaching them inclusiveness, fairness, social intimacy and trust, through non-verbal communication and an act of sharing your food, which creates a deeper connection.

The game starts with the players finding a chat in which a bullied student is asking for help. The participants of the game will have to open a lunch box, stolen from the student. The clues to gain access to the box will be hidden in a room. The first step will include finding emojis representing the emotions of the hero of the game. They will lead to the key for the his/her diary. The diary will have another clue, a link to a YouTube video from UNESCO explaining children rights. The participants must rely on the message in the diary to find the combination for the lunchbox.

NODRAMALAND – The crimes of the discrimination Llama (break-out game)

The game takes place on a marvelous island with incredible beaches and forests full of delicious fruits. But the power in the island was seized by the terrible dictator – The Discrimination Llama!

The game has three main goals: to educate young people about human rights, encourage youngsters to active citizenship and empathy and to show solutions on how to fight with discrimination

This game is a quest hosted outdoors. The participants have to help the local creatures by solving the tasks. Tasks will teach them about the human rights. As they free all the creatures, they will know the code to the treasure chest and get their prize.

Complete the children’s rights puzzle!

A six-part puzzle completed by participants by winning the missing pieces through 6 different game activities.

The aim of this project is to inform and sensitize young people on the topic of Children’s Rights through a variety of fun game activities which will create team spirit, empathy and raise the interest for them to discover more on the issue.

The participants are presented with the poster and are asked to fill in the puzzle pieces by accomplishing different tasks on the topic of Children’s Rights.