You can support our foundation by donating any amount that is indispensable to you, but it means a lot to others.

Emberség Erejével Alapítvány / Power of Humanity Foundation
VAT number: HU18327568
IBAN: Takarékbank HU98 5080 0111 1532 7765 0000 0000


Offering donations means not only money and thus supporting our activities, but also a recognition, that what we do you think is important and we do our job well.

We apply the donations to the basic activities of the foundation: thus to the children of the Experience Store, to our human rights education programs.

Like our traditions, most of the offerings go to the Experience Store: in recent years, thanks to this, in our summer camp many children have reached Lake Balaton for the first time in their lives, or got on a trip to Budapest. Because we managed well, we could also buy a winter tire set for the car used to transport the children!

Our important principle is that we also use the offerings for the human rights education program. From this, for example, we created a mobile application. If you’re curious about it, give it a free try!

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