We are working for a livable world for all, where human rights, equal opportunities and democracy prevail. Our important values are openness, community, action, autonomy, humanity.

As a human rights organization, we deal with educational programs, operating community spaces and support for non-governmental organizations. Our activity is characterized by a developmental approach, a belief in learning and change.

Power of Humanity Foundation’s (shortly EEA) mission is to play a role in building a democratic society that is livable to all, where human rights and equal opportunities prevail. Our important values are openness, community, action, autonomy and humanity.

To fulfill this mission EEA’s current goals are rebuilding democracy and preventing the further shrinking of space around civil society. For reaching these goals EEA has been working on strengthening local communities, fostering participation and raising awareness on human rights.

Power of Humanity Foundation (EEA) has been running civic education programs for 14 years. This includes human rights education for students and young people, methodological support for professionals working with them and raising awareness among the public. In the past years we created online and board games, handbooks, infographics, virtual playground, videos and some of them are award-winning developments (Innomax prize, Edison100).

EEA has been engaged in capacity building of NGOs/CSOs since 2017. The 3 year Growing Civic Communities project was funded by OSF. The approach connects re-granting with mentoring and training and communication activities. With capacity building EEA fosters change in operations of CSOs, to widen their base and group of supporters and to move to the direction of sustainability. Through the years Power of Humanity Foundation emerged as a strong regional resource center, a hub supporting local organisations and reaching the wider public.

Power of Humanity Foundation has been making a strong effort to build up their own channels for reaching the wider public. EEA is present on the most important social media pages, has a constantly updated webpage, a facebook page with growing audience and a podcast channel. Beside that they have strong connections with the local and the independent national media.

EEA believes that networking on different levels is essential to achieve the greatest social impact. They are members of EJHA Hungarian network of human rights educators and Civilizáció coalition. Most of EEA’s advocacy work is connected to Civilizáció, the coalition stood up against the discriminative NGO legislation and spoke up in many cases connected to civil society and human rights.