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Power of Humanity Foundation

Seat: 7621 Pécs, Citrom utca 12.
VAT number: HU18327568
IBAN: Takarékbank HU98 5080 0111 1532 7765 0000 0000

Registration decision number: Pk.60001 / 2006/6
Date of registration: 2006.03.21.
Registration No.: 02-01-0001551

Official representative: András Nyirati, president

Board of Trustees
Sára Bigazzi assistant professor, social psychologist, specializing in intergroup conflicts and power relations, psychology of collective action and participation
Erika Csovcsics educator, former head of the Gandhi Grammar School and one of the founders of the Pécs Free School community, an advocate of child-centered and fair school
András Nyirati human rights trainer, game developer and chairman of the board of trustees since the organization was founded

Supervisory Board
Anna Orsós, PTE head of department, associate professor, a key figure in romology and teacher education in Pécs, a dedicated nurturer of the Beas (dialect of Romani) language
Gábor Polyák, PTE head of department, associate professor, head of the Mérték Media Monitor, member of the Atlatszo’s supervisory board
Gábor Szabó lawyer, family father, local patriot, committed supporter of disadvantaged children

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