Only democrats who respect human rights can be members of a society livable for all.

We launched our human rights and democratic citizenship education programs in 2007, and since then we have worked with nearly half a hundred schools, hundreds of professionals, and thousands of students. We are constantly looking for solutions to how to deal with issues such as equal opportunities, democracy, active citizenship, social responsibility, solidarity in a sincere yet entertaining way. While developing our programs we pay attention to aligning with the current National Core Curriculum and taking into account the needs of schools. 

“The basis of the democratic rule of law, the functioning of public life based on the rule of law, is civic participation, which strengthens national self-awareness and cohesion, creates harmony between individual goals and the common good. This active civic behavior is characterized by respect for the law, compliance with the rules of cohabitation, respect for human dignity and human rights, non-violence and fairness. ”

The Innomax-award-winning DEMO citizenship simulator excitingly develops students’ social and civic competencies.

In our cooperative strategic board game, players face various social problems, the possible solutions present a wide range of civic activity.

For more information and to book a game: emberseg.erejevel{at}

We organized the Humanity Game Cavalcade for the first time on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day in 2019. The goal of the program is to show what human rights education programs we currently have that are available to schools. The Cavalcade is a free interactive exhibition where these sessions can be tried for 60 minutes as a foretaste.